PlanetRomeo Foundation


2016 Annual Report

PlanetRomeo Foundation today publishes its 2016 Annual Report. In 2016, a total of € 91,569 was funded to 21 LGBTI projects around the world.

Chechnya support

As a result of the recent terrible events taking place in Chechnya, several individuals and organizations in the LGBTI community have reached out to us, asking if we would consider doing something to help the situation in Chechnya.

Funding themes

Community Organizing

We support initial steps in community organizing. These are prerequisites to further community development, to build critical mass to evoke change.


We fund projects that provide refuge and a safe haven to LGBTI people, especially where their safety and well-being are at risk.

Sports & Culture

We support sports and cultural activities, which have a positive impact on other aspects of LGBTI people's lives, and makes them more visible.

 Funded projects

Društvo Kvartir


Društvo Kvartir aims to build the LGBT community and raise awareness on LGBT issues among the wider society in Slovenia. Currently, their main focus is on bisexual and trans* issues. Research shows that in Slovenia, the bisexual community is most...

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IraQueer, founded in 2015, focuses on the LGBT+ community in the Iraq and Kurdistan region. With a team consisting of young activists operating from within the region, IraQueer marks the start of the first queer movement in Iraq’s history. In...