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24 projects supported by the Planet Romeo Foundation

 The Planet Romeo Foundation is supporting twenty-four projects from LGBTIQ+ organizations from different countries on different continents with an emphasis on Africa where homophobia is rampant at the moment. More than euro 100.000,–  has been granted

More than ten years ago the Planet Romeo Foundation was founded from the realization that while in Europe we have a certain safety and rights, there is a whole world where the gay family is under threat.

We just have to look at the recent FIFA Worldcup Quatar 2022, where the LGBTIQ+ community was not welcome.

In Qatar and in many other parts of the world the common believe is still that being gay is a choice and therefore one can also make the choice to not be gay. This conviction also existed in Europe and the United States till the seventies, when slowly one realized this was not true. Meaning the LGBTIQ+ community could slowly start its emancipation process. This process is however always under threat as is shown in Russia and even Hungary, a EU country, with anti-gay legislation.

The past years have been extraordinary for the Planet Romeo Foundation. During Covid and the ongoing war in the Ukraine we sponsored emergency projects to help the community in these difficult times.

The new board of the Foundation has now pressed the re-set button and is in the process of finishing up not one but two rounds of sponsoring.

The response we have received is overwhelming, over a hundred LGBTIQ+ organizations from around the world have applied for sponsoring.

The Planet Romeo Foundation gives out grants to the amount of Euro 6.000,– per organization for projects in the field of shelter, culture & sports and community. The PRF specifically targets young grass root organizations.

In total twenty-four projects now have been approved for sponsoring, meaning these met the criteria the PRF has set. These LGBTIQ+ organizations are located in different countries, on different continents. It pains us here that we are not able to support more projects.

It is worth mentioning that many requests came from many countries in Africa where homophobia at the moment is rampant.

Just a few examples. In Nigeria we are sponsoring a health project targeting young LGBTIQ+ with regard to HIV and aids.

In Uganda we support an underground sports project for those individuals in the community that need help. Uganda has a reputation of being extremely homophobic with anti-gay legislation and many attacks on the lives of LGBTIQ+ activist. Therefore caution is necessary.

We here at the PRF are proud to be supporting all these local organizations who sometimes risks their lives to help other members in their LGBTIQ+ community.

We also are so grateful to our donors who make all this possible. Please keep supporting us and let your friends know about the Planet Romeo Foundation and the work we do. At the PRF we are all volunteers.

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In the following months when we have heard back from the sponsored projects, we will inform you on our website and facebook page.

So please follow us and check for news.

We hope, that many of our donors will be motivated to keep on supporting the Foundation in its work.

The PlanetRomeo Foundation
Supporting LGBTI+ projects where it is needed most.