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Subversive Front

Subversive Front is a Macedonia based LGBTI organization. Sports is one of the instruments they use to strengthen the Macedonian LGBTI community.

In Macedonia, LBT women usually have to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity when participating in sports activities. As a result, the community lacks involvement, and LBT women can not share their issues and problems or support one another.

Subversive Front will connect LBT women by organizing weekly basketball trainings and a summer camp. This will lead to the formation of a basketball team, that will compete with other LBT teams in the Balkan region. During the summer camp and the tournament, other activities will be organized, such as workshops and debates. An online campaign will inform the general public about LBT women’s issues in sports.

Subversive Front
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Towards Open Access for LBT Women in Sports
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 – Q2, 2018
Sports & Culture
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