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Asocijacija Spektra

Asocijacija Spektra is a trans-led organization from Montenegro, which aims to create a strong, visible, and influential trans* movement.

In Montenegro, trans* people face violence and discrimination in families, public, at work, schools, health care and within the legal system. Although trans* visibility and awareness about trans* issues among general society are increasing, this also seems to lead to more discrimination and violence towards trans*people.

We funded Asocijacija Spektra so they could spearhead trans* movement and community building in the country. This empowerment process required training in terms of capacity and knowledge, organizing joint actions and improving activism skills. These activities took place in a dedicated safe space, in order to provide the best learning environment.

Project results

  • 5 educational videos were produced and posted on YouTube and Facebook;
  • A performance called ‘Masks’ was performed live during Transgender Day of Remembrance, attracting a lot of media attention;
  • Three youth-focused educational workshops were organized for 57 participants;
  • Three art activities were held, which focused on giving the community a creative space to express feelings and ideas through art;
  • Three trainings were held on the topics of self-exploration, trans activism, and self-care and wellbeing;
  • A workshop was organized during Pride Week, and Spektra joined the pride march.

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Asocijacija Spektra
Podgorica, Montenegro

Building a Trans Movement in Montenegro
Grant awarded
€ 4,994 – Q2, 2018
Community Organizing
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