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Asocijacija Spektra

Asocijacija Spektra is a trans-led organization from Montenegro, which aims to create a strong, visible, and influential trans* movement.

In Montenegro, trans* people face violence and discrimination in families, public, at work, schools, health care and within the legal system. Although trans* visibility and awareness about trans* issues among general society are increasing, this also seems to lead to more discrimination and violence towards trans*people.

We fund Asocijacija Spektra so they can spearhead trans* movement and community building in the country. This empowerment process requires training in terms of capacity and knowledge, organizing joint actions and improve activism skills. These activities will take place in a dedicated safe space, in order to provide the best learning environment.

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Asocijacija Spektra
Podgorica, Montenegro

Building a Trans Movement in Montenegro
Grant awarded
€ 4,994 – Q2, 2018
Community Organizing
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