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Albait Almukhtalef

Albait Almokhtalef

Albait Almukhtalef is a volunteer-based Arab Israeli organization, devoted to the empowerment of, and assistance to the Arab LGBT minority in the Isreal and the occupied territories. The organization was founded in July 2019 in order to take part in the Arab LGBT+ community’s struggle for tolerance and equal rights, and against LGBT-phobia and racism.

Our activities include direct intervention in cases of emergency and the provision of legal representation and social support for victims of LGBT-phobia and violence, as well as advocacy, legal action, public outreach, community education and media campaigning for equal rights.

We provide immediate assistance to victims of violence, with a focus on empowering activists through the volunteer training programs, towards the creation of an effective community. These trainings are fitted for different groups, such as Arabic women and LGBT Arabs living in the geographical periphery, Palestinian LGBT asylum seekers and others.

Activists training seminars
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€ 4,465 - R3, 2019
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