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Peripheral Pajuba

Rusha Montsho

Formed by independent members and activists from other groups and collectives, Rusha Montsho is born with the need and urgency to carry out political and cultural actions focusing on the demands of the LGBTQIA + population in the extreme south of São Paulo. The individual trajectory of each member of this group was and is fundamental to our mission and commitment to the anti-racist and anti-racist struggle.

Our mission is to promote and give visibility to the LGBTQIA + Black and Peripheral population, part of the totally marginalized population, by public policies; cultural actions and visibility within its territories the margins. Our commitment aims at the political-cultural formation of black + peripheral black people, in order to enable and expand the actions of this community in an organized way and with instruments of political action in their territories.

Rusha Montsho
Peripheral Pajuba
Grant awarded
€ 4,093 - R3, 2019
Community Organizing
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