PlanetRomeo Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic

  • Do you have any advise about coronavirus?

No. The only advise we can give is that you research and follow the advise of the government in your country. It is important that you do so.

  • What should we do about our project?

With the current situation of governments trying to curtail the spread of COVID-19, we advise you to follow the local advise issued by your government. If this means suspending activities, please do so. Your health and safety and of all those involved is paramount.

  • Our project was funded for a time-frame. Must we continue to keep our funding?

No. Your funding will not be affected. Please follow the local public health and government advise. We do not expect you to run programmes against government advise and/or if there will be risks to your health, other organisers/volunteers and participants.

  • When can we contact you to resume?

Once this is over, you can resume at your own pace. You do not need to inform or get our permission to resume. Since there are different timing on action and advise in different countries, there probably would be a lag in everything getting back to speed.

  • We could lose money if we suspend our programme. What should we do?

We encourage you to work with your suppliers and partners based on the health advise from your government. In most cases, this is a good basis and reason to claim reasonable adjustments.


  • When can we make a request?

Requests are currently closed. Please keep visiting the Apply for funding page for new announcement.

  • We have been sent application forms in February, can we send these back?

Yes, you can send these back when you have completed them. But you must send it back before or by 1st April, if to be considered.

  • We have old application forms, can we complete these and return them to you?

No. To apply, you must have sent in a Request form. This helps us to check that your proposed project meets our criteria/themes. Then we send you application forms to complete. If you have not followed these steps, you cannot apply.

  • We have been given application forms by another group/project/organisation who received it from you. Can we complete and send these back to you?

No. To apply, we must see the brief outline of your proposed project through the steps detailed above. If it meets our criteria/theme, we then send you application forms. If we have not invited you this way, your application cannot be accepted. This is so that we are fair and use the same approach for all applicants.

  • How do we make a funding request?

Please read our funding policy and themes, then visit the Apply for funding page to download the request form when applications open. This is the only way to apply.

  • What are your deadlines?  

Applications is now closed. Please keep checking our website for future dates.

  • When can we expect a response?

We respond within 10 working days of submitting the Request form and 7 weeks after the deadline if you had been invited to complete an application form.

  • How do we know if have been granted?

We will contact you at least 2 weeks after the decision meeting. See below for the stages and timing.

  • What are the stages for application?

The first stage is you download and submit the Request form. If your proposal outline meets our criteria…

2nd stage: …we invite you by sending you the Application form and Budget template to complete and return to us before deadline.

3rd stage: We process and assess all applications received within 6 weeks of submission deadline.

4th stage: We inform you of the outcome of the assessment – 7 weeks after end of submission.


  • What is the eligibility to apply for funding with you?

We fund new, emerging LGBTI -led, -focused and -driven projects/groups. This means that LGBTI people are the main beneficiaries and their well-being the main objective of the project.

Also, LGBTI people must be involved in the development, design and delivery/implementation of the project.

  • What projects do not qualify?
  • Projects where health or political/religious aims are primary objectives.
  • Projects which seek to cover overhead or fundraising costs as a primary objective.
  • Projects where financial profit is a goal or projects aimed solely at promoting an organization or event.
  • Projects which seek to provide travel and accommodation or outreach costs for participation in (inter)national sports tournaments.
  • Projects aimed at supporting art or individual artists.
  • Applications from individuals for travel and/or study costs.
  • Projects aimed  mostly at advocacy activities.
  • What if our organization is not a registered group?

This is not a problem. But please read about fiscal sponsor (fiscal host) below under Requirements, to understand what it could mean for you.

  • Can we use a personal bank account to receive funds from you?


  • What countries do not qualify?

All countries except Western European countries, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We put emphasis on projects in countries where LGBTI rights are highly infringed. However, we do when necessary, consider highly discriminated minority ethnic group LGBT in all and any country.



  • What do you look for in an application?

The quality [of the project], relevance, foreseen impact, realistic approach and complementing to existing local services and/or activities.

  • How do we apply?

Applications are temporary closed, please keep checking here for new dates.

  • We have applied before, can we apply again?

Yes, you may apply again. But, we advise you not to send back your previous application form.

  • We received funding from you before, can we apply again?

No. We only fund  projects/organizations once.

  • What if my country does not allow foreign funding/donations?

In that case, there is nothing we can do. But we are happy to work with you to find alternative legal and legitimate ways to provide funding where possible.

  • When is the best time to apply?

It is important that you note of the deadlines for the application Round.  Then ensure that your project is not starting within this time and/or 7 weeks of the submission deadline.



  • What is a fiscal sponsor?

A registered not-for-profit organization/group that can receive the fund on your behalf if your organization does not have a bank account in its name.

  • If we use a fiscal sponsor, how does that affect our grant?

This does not have any impact on your funds from our side. But we strongly suggest that you have a clear understanding and agreement with your chosen fiscal sponsor.

  • How does fiscal sponsorship work?

Your fiscal sponsor receives the grant on your behalf and disburse it to you. You agree with them how this should work. PlanetRomeo Foundation will not be involved in this.

Also, please bear in mind that in some countries, there might be laws about fiscal sponsorship/proxy. It’d help if you are clear about this before applying so we can work together on what is possible.