PlanetRomeo Foundation

Complaint Procedure


PlanetRomeo Foundation is committed to fostering an environment of transparency and accountability. This complaint procedure has been established to provide an avenue for concerned parties to address any issues or concerns they may have regarding the Foundation’s activities. We value your feedback and aim to address any grievances in a timely and effective manner.

Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is an expression of concern or dissatisfaction where the concerned individual or individuals are motivated to bring a matter to the attention of the PlanetRomeo Foundation. The individual(s) have taken the effort to communicate their concern via email, trusting that the Foundation will take necessary actions based on the information provided. A complaint arises when an issue has occurred that the Foundation may not be aware of, or a possible mistake has been made. Grievances can, for instance, be related to the handling of an application or funded project, or can be related to a possible breach of integrity by a Board member or the Chair.

Submission of Complaints

Complaints can be submitted by sending an email to [email protected]. Please ensure that your email includes the following information:

  • Name and email address of the claimant
  • If applicable, organisation and position within organisation
  • Have you received funding, or handed in a funding application, at PlanetRomeo Foundation? (No, Yes: Funding, Yes: Application, not (yet) funded)
  • If yes, please specify the year of funding or applying.
  • If you have a PlanetRomeo Foundation ID-number (such as: 2022-001), please include this in your email.
  • Please describe your complaint clearly and concisely, including dates and names wherever possible.

Complaint Handling Procedure

  1. Upon receipt, the employee or board member will share the complaint with the Chair of the Management board. The employee or board member files the complaint.
  2. The Chair will respond to the complaint. If necessary, the Chair will ask for input of other Board members.
  3. If the claimant is dissatisfied with the response of the Chair, the matter will be discussed with the whole Management Board, who will jointly decide on a proposal to resolve the complaint.
  4. Should the claimant remain dissatisfied with the Management Board’s response, the Chair of the Management Board will escalate the complaint to the Chair of the Supervisory Board, who will propose a final solution to the claimant.
  5. The Chair fills in the internal Complaint Administration form, with a summary of the complaint, how it was resolved and lessons learned.

We would like to assure you that all complaints will be handled with utmost sincerity. We aim to resolve any issues in a fair and transparent manner within 3 months. A reflection on received complaints and lessons learned will be shared in the Annual Report published on the website.