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2018 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report: 10 Years of working together in solidarity. 

The Year 2019 was unique for the Foundation as it marked the completion of our first decade as an organization. The Management Board, Supervisory Board and our founders/main funder came together to mark this milestone with further community participation and outreach. We held various events and activities. These are laid out in Section 3 of the annual report.

It was also an occasion to reflect on the preceding 10 years, and re-arm the Foundation as it moves forward into the next decade and beyond. We also looked back with great satisfaction at lessons learnt and to bring in new ways of making the next coming years even more successful. It is important to note that by 2019, the Foundation has funded over 250 projects in 85 countries. In 2019 too, we passed the €1million mark of funding.

Continuing on our core objectives, the Foundation funded a total of €127,948 to 31 projects in the 2019 calendar year. These projects are located in 22 countries across the world. We look forward to making more inroads and ensuring that we reach places more places and join hands to shine the light of hope and solidarity.

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