NEXUS Unity Cup

NEXUS Youth Network held its first Unity Cup Badminton Tournament in Semarang, Indonesia. 36 people participated in the tournament, which also marks the launch of an independent, community-led badminton club. With our funding, this club enables LGBTI people to practice their sport in a safe environment. In the long run, NEXUS hopes to increase visibility of LGBTI people and their acceptance within Indonesian society.

Women’s Soccer in Cameroon

Association pour la Valorisation de la Femmes (AVAF) in Cameroon organized several educational, sports and recreational activities over a ten-month period. More than 300 lesbian women participated, which significantly exceeded expectations. Educational talks focused on several relevant topics, such as coming out, sexual relationships between women, and genital mutilation.

Social Space in Tunisia

L’initiative Mawjoudin pour l’égalité established a multifunctional social space in Tunisia. Around 10-15 people visit this space on a daily basis, and they can be themselves and socialize with others. Also, every month Mawjoudin organizes workshops and hosts bi-monthly music and cinema clubs. The space also functions as an office, which can also be used by partner organizations and self-employed community members.

8 Projects Funded in Second Half 2016

In the second half of 2016, PlanetRomeo Foundation supported another 8 projects in 7 different countries. With these projects, the Foundation helps to:
– organize LGBT sports activities in Indonesia and the far east of Russia;
– establish safe spaces in Armenia, Tunisia and a country in Eastern Africa;
– start an LGBT legal support framework in 3 cities in Ukraine;
– support LGBTI youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina with their coming-out process.
These projects receive funding adding up to almost € 36,000.

LGBTI Hotline in Ukraine

Lighthouse NGO established a hotline for LGBTI teens in Ukraine, with support from PlanetRomeo Foundation. Currently, they receive 10 calls per month. Lighthouse continues to promote this service actively throughout the country, contributing to a slow but gradual growth towards a better environment for LGBTI youth in Ukraine. Since the project started in May 2016, the number of participants in their LGBTI Teens Union group has grown from 30 to 150 people.
Find out more about Lighthouse NGO here.