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Donations spent on emergency projects in Ukraine part 2

To get support as fast as possible to the people who need it, the PlanetRomeo Foundation has contacted organizations in Ukraine we have worked with before. We know them to be trustworthy and we wanted your donations to reach those who needed them as fast as possible. One of those organizations is Intersex Ukraine

Egalite Intersex Ukraine is a non-for-profit public organization founded in 2014

Egalite Intersex Ukraine conducts educational work among the general public through the organization of thematic meetings, interviews publications, the publication of thematic brochures and books. More information on

In the past the PlanetRomeo Foundation was the first grantor who supported creation
and publication of their first book about intersex in Ukraine.

One in 40.000 babies is born intersex and till recently in most countries the sex of the baby would be “corrected” by doctors, even without informing the parents. More information about intersex is needed. Which is why PlanetRomeo Foundation supported this project.

The emergency grant from the PlanetRomeo Foundation is used by Egalite Intersex Ukraine as they describe it below.

“Some of the members of our organization had to leave their homes because they lost them physically. Their houses were destroyed by Russian bombs and artillery or by rockets.
Therefore, we will support their housing needs, and will help them to cover their expenditures at the place of temporary stay. Repairman, elementary housekeeping (pots, plates, spoons etc.) because Russians have robbed everything from our houses when they leave them after occupation. The rest of the money we will use to buy medications, food, clean water and other miscellanea for every day.”

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