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Donations spent on emergency projects in Ukraine part 1

As previously reported there was an outpour of support for the LGBTI+ community in Ukraine.

To get support as fast as possible to the people who need it, the PlanetRomeo Foundation has contacted organizations in Ukraine we have worked with before. We know them to be trustworthy and we wanted your donations to reach those who needed them as fast as possible. One of those organizations is Gender Zed. We will report more later on other organizations.

Gender Zed, is an LGBTI+ organization in the city of Zaporizhzhia, the South-East Ukraine.

Before the war the organization’s team conducted various types of activities at a local and national level targeted at journalists, social workers, psychologists, university students, and the general population. These trainings were aimed at teaching gender issues, gender inequality, xenophobia, anti-discrimination, SOGI, HIV infection and PLHIV, counteracting homophobia and transphobia, and promoting ideas of tolerance.

They also run an LGBTQ+ community center as a safe space for LGBTI+ people to give them an opportunity to conduct and take part in various activities – educational, mobilization, psychological and entertaining for the peaceful times, and humanitarian support – during active war actions.

With regard to the funding of the PlanetRomeo Foundation, the Gender Zed team has approved requests for basic needs such as food, hygiene, medication, hormones, communication, relocation, transportation, sometimes help with housing.

Excerpt from our communication with Gender Zed.
“We believe that the most valuable impact of PlanetRomeo help’s is that it allows many Ukrainian LGBTQ folks in our community to survive the darkest period in their lives. We have received so many heartbreaking applications, people describing that they haven’t eaten well for days, or that their home was bombed out along with all of their belongings inside. In other cases, applicants had to urgently leave their occupied hometowns while Russian forces seized everything (even pocket money) at their block-post on the way to Ukraine’s controlled territory etc. We are receiving dozens of requests for help per day, and the financial support from abroad, including PlanetRomeo Foundation, allows us to provide a timely response and aid to so many.”

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