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Brújula Intersexual Visiting Intersex Initiatives in Mexico

Visiting Intersex Initiatives in Mexico and Colombia

Brújula Intersexual visits intersex initiatives in Mexico and Colombia and holds a workshop on intersex issues in Mexico City.

In our previous news update, we explained the difficulties intersex people in Mexico encounter. The funding for Brújula Intersexual is to empower the different initiatives in the country, including one in Colombia.

Brújula provided basic supplies to the intersex activists, such as an internet connection and a laptop. They also organized a workshop on intersex issues in Mexico City with partner organizations. Twenty people participated, ranging from television producers to lawyers, as well as LGBT activists and intersex people. The workshop was not only a valuable experience for the participants, but also for the intersex organizations giving the workshop.

‘… maybe the most important thing for me, to speak and lead two activities in the workshop has been a chance for a small payback; this time, people haven’t watched me as an oddity, instead they’ve listened and showed interest for what I had to say. And that is an encouraging and nurturing feeling.’ – Hana Aoi, Vivir y Ser Intersex