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Carla Yo Intersexual y Brújula Intersexual

Empowering Intersex Initiatives

Brújula Intersexual visits intersex led initiatives in Mexico and Colombia to provide them with necessary tools and advise how to carry out projects.

Intersex people in Mexico face multiple forms of discrimination and violence. One of the biggest problems is genital mutilation of intersex babies at birth. Medics perform so-called corrective surgeries so the body conforms to an established standard of masculine or feminine body types.

These surgeries may result in infertility. Unfortunately, these are still performed worldwide, on a large scale. The main objective of the Brújula Intersexual’s Facebook page is to make everyone aware that intersex is not an abnormal condition or something that has to be “fixed”, but something that is natural and normal.

Laptops and internet service

Social discrimination and economic difficulties influence the current state of intersex activism in Mexico. The movement is small and emerging compared to intersex activism in the US or Europe.

We fund Brújula Intersexual, so they can provide intersex initiatives in Mexico and Colombia with laptops and internet service. This enables them to write their blogs and carry out their projects, while also discussing future activism strategies.