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Brújula Intersexual

Brújula Intersexual is a project by Laura Inter from Mexico, which started as a Facebook page in 2013. Out of its own experiences as an intersex person, Laura felt the need to share accessible information on intersex issues.

Intersex people are confronted with social discrimination, violence, and genital medical ‘fixes’, simply because they are born with bodies that do not conform to the established masculine/feminine body standards of society. Activism on intersex issues is not yet as common in Mexico as it is increasingly becoming in western countries.

With Brújula Intersexual, Laura already helped to start different initiatives in both Mexico and Colombia. With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, Laura further empowered these different initiatives and helped them to continue their efforts and organize their projects. This was done by providing them with a laptop and other necessary tools, as well as advice. Our funding also enabled these activists to lead a workshop in Mexico City and participate in networking opportunities, thus starting a sustainable development of intersex activism in Latin America. The workshop attracted 20 people, ranging from lawyers to television producers.

Project results

  • 4 different intersex initiatives in Mexico and Colombia were visited;
  • Brújula Intersexual supplied them with laptops, advice, and other basic supplies;
  • The first intersex meeting of its kind was organized in Colombia, motivating community members to get involved with Brújula Intersexual Colombia’s activities;
  • A workshop on intersex issues was held in Mexico City with 20 people participating;
  • Materials (flyers, badges, presentation cards) were produced and printed, which are also usable for future workshops.

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Brújula Intersexual
Mexico City, Mexico

Brújula Intersexual
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q3, 2017
Community Organizing
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