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AREV-Haiti Community Influencers

Community Influencers in Haiti

Association pour la Reduction de la Vulnerabilité (AREV-Haiti) is an LGBTI and sex worker organization from Haiti. They fight discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), as well as LGBTI prejudice and gender-based violence.

Without support from local authorities, it is very difficult to achieve change. This is why we fund AREV-Haiti for its project Community Mobilization of the LGBTI. With this project they attempt to create a movement of collective mobilization, in order to enable LGBTI people to defend their rights and grow in a secure environment. This is done via capacity-building and training on various topics. Topics include: human rights, reality about homosexuality, social networks, community mobilization, and more.

This project is an example of how PlanetRomeo Foundation views its Community Organizing theme, since it trains potential community influencers. It functions as a stepping stone for future activism and community development. And they’re doing a great job: 33 LGBTI mobilizers are currently in training. 8 of these are already intervening in their local areas in the western part of the country. By organizing 11 mobilization sessions, these trainees successfully mobilized 109 people. A great accomplishment for a better future for our family in Haiti.