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Association pour la Reduction de la Vulnerabilité (AREV) aims to raise awareness and carry out actions in order to improve the living conditions of LGBTI people and sex workers in Haiti.

Discrimination and prejudice of the LGBTI community is a day to day reality for LGBTI people living in Haiti. Also, they have no or little access to information or knowledge of their basic rights. In order to change this, AREV-Haiti has set up a community mobilization project, with PlanetRomeo Foundation funding.

This project focused on capacity building, networking and trainings on themes such as human rights, discrimination/stigmatization, and setting up offline and online social networks.

Project results

  • An introduction meeting for potential community mobilizers was held in Pétion-Ville with 21 people participating;
  • A training manual was developed for two community mobilization training sessions;
  • Two community mobilization trainings were held, with 33 people attending, focusing on the following themes:
  • – Community mobilization itself;
    – Reality about homosexuality;
    – Human/fundamental rights;
    – Social networks, electronic tools;
    – Monitoring & Evaluation.

  • The community mobilizers managed to reach out to a total of 464 people with 51 sessions;
  • A network of 20 active online and offline mobilizers has been established;
  • A database of almost 20 LGBTI (friendly) organizations has been set up;
  • A Facebook Page has been established in support of online mobilization efforts.

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Association pour la Réduction de la Vulnerabilité
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Community Mobilization of the LGBTI
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q4, 2017
Community Organizing
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