PlanetRomeo Foundation

Suggest a Project

Response to our ‘Suggest a Project!’ campaign has been overwhelming. In January, PlanetRomeo Foundation asked the PLANETROMEO community for help in finding new projects. More than 1,500 suggestions were received! We were thrilled by the level of interest and commitment shown by so many PLANETROMEO users towards our goals.

The Foundation’s board carefully selected 50 of these suggestions and invited them to make a funding request. As a result, 9 projects have received a grant, adding up to a total of € 40,150 funded:

  • LISTAG in Istanbul, Turkey received a € 5,000 grant for its documentary film project My Child in which parents of LGBT individuals share their experiences.
  • Canadian organization Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) will start its Iranian Queer Watch project in which it will report on human rights violations against queers and sexual minorities in Iran. They will receive an amount of € 5,000.
  • In Lahore, Pakistan, the Foundation Management Board decided to fund Educare Foundation with € 4,500 to enable LGBT students to continue their higher education.
  • New Delhi based Equal India Alliance will roll out its Straight, But Not Narrow project to 20 university campuses throughout India. The project focuses on establishing gay/straight alliances among students. This initiative is supported with € 3,900.
  • In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Asociación Jóvenes en Movimiento receives € 5,000 to launch Radio Diver-Gente – an online platform and radio program reaching out to the LGBT community nationwide.
  • Grupo Gay da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil also receives € 5,000 in support of their work, through training and information, to reduce anti-LGBTI violence inflicted by local police officers.
  • Le Refuge is a well-known French organization that helps young men and women (18-25) who are victims of exclusion because of their sexuality. They receive € 5,000 for their branch in Réunion.
  • In Ghent, Belgium, Çavaria operates the Holebifoon, a help and information line for the LGBTI community which recently lost its government funding. We made a € 5,000 donation to this initiative.
  • Neema MCC in Nairobi, Kenya receives € 1,750 for its Undugu (Brotherhood) project which aims at building self-esteem and creating social networks within the local LGBTI community.