PlanetRomeo Foundation

Projects funded in January and February 2012

Jeevan in India, Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya and Planetform Status Quo in The Netherlands all received grants from PlanetRomeo Foundation in the first months of 2012.

Indian organization Jeevan develops art and media projects with a focus on social and environmental renewal. Songs of the Carvan will be India’s first cd-collection of the rich heritage of songs from the Hijra community. Hijras (or transgenders) have great importance in religious and mythological texts but face a great deal of exclusion in today’s Indian society. This audio and book project will be created in close cooperation with the Hijras to help raise awareness about the community and their art. We are supporting this project with a €:nbsp;4,700 grant.
Platform Status Quo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is preparing a pilot for a new Amsterdam based tv-series called Queer Amsterdam. The plot is based around several LGBTQ characters and their day to day lives, loves, work, ethnicity, biological gender, sero or economic status. They receive a €:nbsp;1,000 grant.
Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya is a Nairobi based organization which focuses on capacity building for women and young people to increase awareness of human rights, sexuality and gender identity. Raising the self-awareness of the LGBTI community and reducing homophobia are key objectives of its work. We have contributed €:nbsp;2,000.