Two New Board Members

The Foundation Board is reinforced with two new board members: Niels Kattenberg and Nori Spauwen. We would like to give them a warm welcome! Both have different backgrounds and lots of enthusiasm, so they are definitely a valuable addition to the Board. Last Monday they joined our first decision round of the year in which the project proposals for Q1, 2016 were reviewed. More on that soon.

Do you want to get to know Nori and Niels better? Read their short bios here.

Project Update: Mithra Foundation – India

In India, transgenders and men who have sex with men (MSMs) are often denied their basic civil- and human rights. With our funding, Mithra Foundation is setting up Self Help Groups to empower and unite them. So far, various seminars were organized, including one focusing on human and civil rights. After this seminar, legal rights kits were handed out to the participants, containing useful information on how to obtain their rights.

Project Update: Insight – Ukraine

Marina and Marina had to flee from Donetsk, located in Eastern Ukraine. When they arrived in Kiev, Insight was able to shelter them. The two women successfully integrated in in their new hometown and Insight assisted both with finding a job in LGBTI friendly companies. One is working as a medical worker and one is a trade representative. Insight told this couple is now also quite active in Kiev’s LGBTI community. Great project results so far!

PlanetRomeo Foundation in 2015 and our wishes for 2016

We look back on 2015 with pride. With our donator’s support we gave in total, an astonishing €143,631 to 34 LGBTI projects around the world. Compared to 2014, we’ve almost funded 50% more! This makes the Foundation Board proud and even more determined to continue our efforts to fund small LGBTI initiatives. We make a difference! Our donators also made a difference for the international LGBTI community this year by donating! I’d therefore like to extend our immense gratitude to all who made this possible.

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12 projects received funding in Q4, 2015

No less than 12 new projects in 10 different countries are supported by PlanetRomeo Foundation in the last quarter of 2015. These projects are helping to strengthen local LGBT communities in 3 cities in Macedonia, launch an online counseling website for LGBTs in Algeria, set up safe spaces in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cameroon, and organize LGBTI themed educational activities at schools and universities in Mexico and Pakistan. A full overview can be found in our Supported Projects section. The total amount of funding this quarter adds up to almost €50,000, a new milestone for PlanetRomeo Foundation.