PlanetRomeo Foundation in 2015 and our wishes for 2016

We look back on 2015 with pride. With our donator’s support we gave in total, an astonishing €143,631 to 34 LGBTI projects around the world. Compared to 2014, we’ve almost funded 50% more! This makes the Foundation Board proud and even more determined to continue our efforts to fund small LGBTI initiatives. We make a difference! Our donators also made a difference for the international LGBTI community this year by donating! I’d therefore like to extend our immense gratitude to all who made this possible.

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12 projects received funding in Q4, 2015

No less than 12 new projects in 10 different countries are supported by PlanetRomeo Foundation in the last quarter of 2015. These projects are helping to strengthen local LGBT communities in 3 cities in Macedonia, launch an online counseling website for LGBTs in Algeria, set up safe spaces in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cameroon, and organize LGBTI themed educational activities at schools and universities in Mexico and Pakistan. A full overview can be found in our Supported Projects section. The total amount of funding this quarter adds up to almost €50,000, a new milestone for PlanetRomeo Foundation.

6 new projects supported in Q3, 2015

In quarter 3 of 2015, PlanetRomeo Foundation supports another 6 projects by:
Cangkang Queer in Medan, Indonesia, EQUAL GROUND in Nawala, Sri Lanka, Youth on Rock in Bwaise, Uganda, Jinsiangu in Nairobi, Kenya, Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum in Bangalore, India and Pride Equality International, a Sierra Leonean initiative that focuses on LGBTI refugees, also based in Madrid, Spain. All projects receive funding adding up to a total of €26,433.

Iranian Queer Watch Report

IRQRIRQR – Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees recently published its Iranian Queer Watch Report. This report gives an extensive view on the current state of Iranian queer human rights and their challenges in Iran and abroad. In the report it is stated that “…Western countries, of course, that have standards of equality for sexual minorities, should be expected to provide opportunities for very vulnerable individuals to gain entry because of their sexual identity…”. The Iranian Queer Watch Report is funded by PlanetRomeo Foundation.

9 new projects supported in Q2, 2015

In the second quarter of 2015, PlanetRomeo Foundation supports another 9 projects by: Social Project for Transgenders ‘LAVERNA’ in Omsk, Russia, Pakasipiti Zimbabwe, the Lithuania based Sapfo Collective, Lindenfeld Association in Romania, MOLI in Burundi, Czech organization TransFusion, Full Cycle – a student initiative in Kenya, Insight Ukraine and Mithra Foundation in India. All projects receive funding adding up to a total of €38,558.