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LGBTI Peer Educators

717 LGBTI Peer Educators in Rural Villages in Kano State, Nigeria

Over the last 15 years, Kano State authorities in Nigeria convicted and jailed more than 750 people for being gay. This is why THREAD Initiative works hard to form LGBTI communities and train its members in 6 rural villages. And their work bears fruit: 717 community members now work in local groups as peer educators.

After forming groups within the localities, group leaders were appointed. This led to the next step, which was equipping them with organizational, management, and leadership skills to lead their groups. Group tasks include mobilizing assistance, organizing the village’s LGBTI people to safely conduct activities, and many other objectives.

Organizing the LGBTI community in the village towards extending a hand of fellowship to gay people in the community who may be experiencing any kind of identity crisis.

Meanwhile, THREAD is actively networking with national media organizations, human rights organizations, and LGBTI friendly lawyers. This in order to support the cause of these local communities. After securing a sustainable relationship with these parties, THREAD will connect the group leaders and partner organizations, thus forming direct links to various forms of support.