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10 Banished and Rejected LGBT People Relocated in Uganda

10 Banished and Rejected LGBT People Relocated

Rainbow Family Support Alliance relocated 10 banished and rejected LGBT people in Uganda to a safe house.

With no hope of a future, RFSA helped them regain trust and self-confidence, and a safe place to call home. They gave them important digital and physical security training, including booklets with security tips and emergency telephone numbers. By sensitizing landlords, LGBT tenants are more welcome to lease a house, and will not be evicted directly. Also, by helping beneficiaries to find a job or start their own small-scale business, RFSA gave these people a sustainable start of a new life.

“I was really dying, I had no food and the drugs were too strong on me, I had given up on life, but when PlanetRomeo Foundation bought for me food, I felt relieved, I will not die, someone somewhere cares for me, someone wants to see me alive, thank you for saving me.”

Moreover, RFSA reunited 4 LGBTs with their family members. This meant they went back to school, and have hopes for a better future. One of the beneficiaries said: “I did not dream of being reunited with my family, I knew all was gone! […] thank you for making unimaginable dreams come to life.”