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Rainbow Family Support Alliance (RFSA) Uganda

Rainbow Family Support Alliance

Rainbow Family Support Alliance (RFSA) is an LGBT led human rights organization in Uganda. RFSA fights discrimination and torture of LGBT people and aims to improve their wellbeing.

RFSA grew from lived experiences of LGBT people who were victims of family harassment and banishment for their sexual orientation and gender identity. With our funding, they will establish a safe house for 10 LGBTI people, who have been harassed and banished from their families. RFSA will attempt to reconnect and, if possible, help them to reintegrate into their families.

Also, they will hold post-trauma counseling sessions, as well as a two-day training on safety and security. To further enhance their security, they will produce and distribute pocket-size booklets with safety tips.

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Rainbow Family Support Alliance
Kampala, Uganda

Shelter Me
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2018
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