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Zimbabwe Men Against HIV And AIDS (ZIMAHA)

LGBTI communities in Bulawayo suffer from high levels of violence, stigma, discrimination and exclusion. Furthermore, LGBTI individuals do not enjoy full and equal opportunities for social cohesion, which leads to limited LGBTI-led advocacy networks. This context creates challenges in community mobilization and movement building, contributing to high levels of vulnerability to abuse and violence as LGBTI individuals lack support and safety networks.

Given the above background, the Queer Basket Project aims to:
* Build vibrant and inter-dependent support networks within LGBTI communities
* Champion LGBTI solidarity and cohesion
* Provide safe space for recreation, social interaction, therapy and healing for LGBTI individuals that have been victims to homophobia, stigma and discrimination.

All this will be instrumental in bridging the social gaps and repairing the fractures that characterize the LGBTI movement, and will improve community cohesion, encourage support and enhance peer empathy. We hope this will ultimately inspire a robust rainbow movement.

Queer Basket Project
Grant awarded
€ 4,894 - R3, 2019
Community Organizing
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