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Young Out Here Sri Lanka

Young Out Here aims to raise awareness among the young LGBTIQA+ community in Sri Lanka on human rights and health topics.

Young Out Here will set up a safe place for young LGBTI people to meet, mingle, interact and make new friends. As LGBTI people in Sri Lanka are subject to stigma and discrimination, this safe space will provide them with a safe haven, allowing them to be who they are, away from their daily struggles.

Young Out Here will also organize a series of 12 discussion sessions on various topics concerning sexual orientation, gender identity and other LGBTI-related issues. A mentorship program will provide leadership training to at least 5 young LGBTI community initiatives, in order to achieve community expansion and activism increase.

Young Out Here Sri Lanka Logo
Young Out Here Sri Lanka
Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

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€ 4,838 - Q4, 2017
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