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XY Spectrum

XY Spectrum from Serbia is a grassroots initiative fighting against all forms of violence and discrimination based on intersex, trans*, and non-binary grounds. They envision a society where this community is fully integrated, recognized, and respected.

The intersex community in Serbia deals with invisibility of their issues, for example being treated as if they have a medical condition. First and foremost, there is an overall lack of pertinent information, whether it is from medical personnel, legal experts, academic people or parents.

This still results in unnecessary surgeries (a so-called ‘fix’) performed on babies born with an intersex condition. Because parents only have the medical staff as a source of information, they are forced to make an uninformed, rapid decision about their newborn child.

XY Spectrum will start with organizing 3 workshops in 3 different cities in Serbia. These workshops will provide basic knowledge about intersex issues to parents and other interested people, but will also open a dialog on the subject and give the ability to share experiences with each other.

XY will also develop a brochure on intersex condition, as well as a website and a Facebook page.

XY Spectrum
Belgrade, Serbia

Realities of Intersex to Serbia
Grant awarded
€ 4,700 - Q2, 2017