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Women’s Alliance

Women’s Alliance is a lesbian and feminist organization, operating from Skopje, Macedonia. It wants to promote and protect human rights of the LGBT community and advocates for elimination of all forms of violence against non-heterosexuals and discrimination based on sexual identity, gender identity and gender expression.

The Love has no gender project by Women’s Alliance wants to initiate a discussion about LGBT rights and unite people, no matter their differences, by starting a digital queer magazine. This magazine aims to create a social climate for acceptance of LGBTs, reduce discrimination and hate crimes, and strengthen democratic ideas and values. It wants to educate Macedonians about the LGBT community in an effort to overcome fear and bigotry. It also brings attention to the community on how to report hate crimes to the authorities and other relevant organizations.

In Macedonia same-sex activity is legal, but the LGBT community is one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. There are no anti-discrimination laws that apply to the community and same-sex couples are not recognized by the government. The majority of Macedonians view homosexuality as a dangerous psychiatric illness that should be treated. LGBTs are socially excluded. The government turns a blind eye to violence and discrimination, in effect making them second-class citizens.

Women's Alliance
Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

Love has no gender
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2014
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