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Volup Warsaw LGBT+ Sports Club

Volup Warsaw LGBT+ Sports Club provides and promotes a healthy and social lifestyle among local non-heteronormative people in Warsaw. 

Volup Warsaw is an LGBT+ sports club, based in the capital of Poland, that has around 200 members. The main goals of the association are to promote a healthy and social lifestyle among the local non-heteronormative community, as well as spreading tolerance and acceptance for LGBT+ sportspeople in our society.

Over the last few years, the discourse coming from public media and the government has become very offensive towards non-heteronormative people. This results in many members of the LGBT+ community seeking safe spaces where they could feel comfortable and accepted.

Opening swimming and table tennis sections at Volup Warsaw allows dozens of LGBT+ people to become a part of the community. Besides their online services and night clubs, they also offers ways of meeting other non-heteronormative people. Inclusiveness in sports, relatively low cost of execution, and the groups’ openness for different levels of skills, make them accessible for various participants of various ages, genders, or economic status. Members can benefit physically, as well as mentally, with such a sports club.

Organization Volup Warsaw LGBT+ Sports Club
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