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Venasa Transgender Network

Venasa Transgender Network (VTN) is a non-profit organization working for equal rights and legal and social recognition for the transgender community in Sri Lanka. Established in 2015 by a group of transgender/ LGBT activists, and it is Sri Lanka’s first trans rights organization. Activities include, among others, raising awareness (online and offline), advocacy, assisting victims of gender-based/ transphobic violence, providing free counselling, and documenting data/ information concerning the trans community.

This project, ‘Safe Home: A Headstart’ is funded by PlanetRomeo Foundation. The project aims at improving the services provided by VTN to trans and LGB persons at its Safe Space. These services include holding community gatherings/ discussions for information sharing activities, holding group therapy (counseling) sessions, advocacy, and providing temporary shelter for trans/ LGB persons who are in need of shelter due to being expelled from homes/ residences.

This PlanetRomeo Foundation assists VTN to maintain the VTN Safe Space, and provide counselling services for those who are in need of mental health-related assistance. Overall, this project is expected to improve the services provided by VTN and thereby improve the lives of the community/ies VTN is working for.

Venasa Transgender Network
Sri Lanka
Safe Home: A Headstart
Grant awarded
€ 4,269 - R2, 2019
Community Organizing / Shelter
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