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TransParent brings parents of transgender/intersex children together in order to educate and empower them. TransParent has set up the so-called Parents Initiative to offer them support, and educational programs to strengthen them.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, TransParent organized bi-monthly meetings. During these meetings, psycho­social support by an educated psychologist was available or – if needed – services of a social worker or lawyer. Additionally, they launched their website.

Project results

  • Bi-monthly meetings providing psychosocial support, online and offline were held;
  • TransParent participated in a panel called My Life in Transspace, presenting the story about having a trans* child from the parents’ perspective;
  • They also joined a protest demonstration against the right-wing influenced educational curriculum, which does not include anti-discriminatory policies and education;
  • Participated in a Zagreb Pride panel called Mammy. Two days later, Zagreb Pride took place and for most participants this was their first event, showing their pride about their children;
  • Increased coherence of regional networks with other organizations was established;
  • TransParent joined the ILGA conference Power to the People in Cyprus;
  • Multiple professional lectures with international keynote speakers, aimed at trans* and intersex issues, as well as gender identity were organized;
  • At various institutions participants advocated and lobbied for human rights of trans* persons;
  • A website was established;
  • Other activities organized by partner organizations were attended by TransParent;

Karlovac, Croatia

Parents United for Transgender Rights
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2016
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