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TransAkcija Institute enables support, informing, empowerment and alliance of transgender and gender non-conforming persons in Slovenia.

TransAkcija Institute is the first and only non-govermental organization devoted to human rights of transgender persons the country. With our funding, TransAkcija will host the first ever summer camp for transgender and gender non-conforming persons. In the funding proposal, TransAkcija states that the summer camp will: “…legitimize their feelings of being worthy and valid individuals, which is a rare narrative for trans persons”.

Activities will include workshops on topics like gender identity and gender expression, medical and social transitioning, coming out and self-care. Also, sports activities, movie screenings and leisure activities will be on the program. TransAkcija would like to see that participants themselves take ownership of the agenda of the camp and contribute to the event as much as they feel comfortable and capable.

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TransAkcija Insitute
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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€ 5,000 - Q1, 2018
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