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Transgender Network Switzerland

In September 2013, Transgender Network Switzerland organized its first two day conference called Transtagung Schweiz – Born This Way, with more than 120 participants attending 25 workshops.

The conference allowed transgenders the opportunity to meet up and network. The program consisted of a wide range of lectures and workshops on various trans related issues like medical and judicial subjects, international trans advocacy, queer themes and contact with the gay and lesbian scenes. The age of the participants ranged from 17 up to 70 years. A small number of practitioners (psychologists, speech therapists, surgeons) also attended.

Participants were also invited to take part in the making of some very personal It gets better videos and be part of a photograph to support Russian LGBTs. Almost all of the participants where photographed holding rainbow flags, slogans and banners with headlines in German, English and Russian.

The conference got a lot of positive feedback from the participants. Some had waited years for an event like this and for some it was the first time that they met so many other trans people. As a result the organization promises to host another conference in 2014. Transgender Network Switzerland is a volunteer organization which aims to combat discrimination and support trans people rights. TNS also supports them in their coming out and offers consultancy on both legal and health issues.

Watch two of the It gets better videos (in German) below.

Transgender Network Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland

Erste Schweizer Transtagung
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€ 1,500 - Q1, 2013
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