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The Queer Muslim Project

The Queer Muslim Project

The Queer Muslim Project emerged from a fundamental need for creating safe spaces for LGBTQ Muslims in India. These safe community spaces are used to network, exchange experiences, and share information and resources.

The Queer Muslim Project (TQMP) argues that compared to other countries such as Canada and the United States, there is a lack of inclusive mosque initiatives and other opportunities for LGBTQ Muslims in India. Also, queer Muslims generally carry the burden of a ‘double minority’, being both queer and Muslim.

To combat these issues, TQMP will organize a national LGBTQ Muslim Retreat. The retreat aims to bring queer Muslims from across India in one non-judgmental space for people to share experiences. Establishing informal networks of support in several Indian cities will provide access to resources and effective peer support. Lastly, the retreat is comprised of various workshops, focusing on topics such as gender identity, coming out, queer families, and much more.

the queer muslim project
The Queer Muslim Project
Delhi, India

India LGBTQ Muslim Retreat
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 – Q3, 2018
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