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The People's Matrix Association

The People’s Matrix Association

The People’s Matrix Association aims to advance LGBTI human rights in Lesotho by organizing community and movement building activities.

Lesotho is a small country completely surrounded by South Africa. Being such a small nation, the country is often overlooked by LGBTI donors. This implies there is a lack of funding for the local LGBTI movement.

With our funding, Matrix will facilitate community gatherings, workshops, and movement building activities in the Mafeteng region. They use a specific, personalized approach to explore gender identity and sexual orientation. In this process, participants learn to unravel feelings, needs and desires, and to help them make further choices and plans. This will enable them to help each other with common challenges that many LGBTI people face.

The People’s Matrix Association hopes that this will empower the local LGBTI community to building a social movement, which eventually may lead to a well-coordinated and visible LGBTI movement in Mafeteng.

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The People's Matrix Association
Maseru, Lesotho

Matrix Community Organizing
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q4, 2018
Community Organizing