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Solidarity Foundation

Solidarity Foundation aims to strengthen community leadership among sexual minorities and sex workers, who live in small towns and villages surrounding Bangalore, India. Also, they advocate their cause to policy and opinion makers, and media.

With our funding, a project will be set up that is specifically aimed at building the capacity of leaders from the communities, in order to strengthen their organization and work. To achieve this, a series of 4 workshops will be organized in which 20 to 25 leaders will participate.

In these workshops they will be taught how they can challenge human rights violations and inequality, as well as how to engage with social structures and institutions to undertake advocacy activities. They will also receive support on documenting human rights violations and will be shown strategies to enable them to take actions against them.

Solidarity Foundation
Bangalore, India

Enhancing Leadership among Grassroots Level Organizations
Grant awarded
€ 4,988 - Q2, 2016
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