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Solace Brothers Foundation

Solace Brothers Foundation was established in 2012 and is committed to the promotion and protection of the human rights of LGBTIs in Ghana, by working with grass roots LGBTI people who face social injustice, discrimination and continuous human rights abuses, because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Due to the high level of discrimination and stigma against the LGBTI community in Ghana, many LGBTI persons have low self-esteem, drop out of school, lost their jobs and have no place where they can socialize.

Because there is a lack of support group initiatives, the main aim of the project was to train and empower community leaders with leadership and people management skills. This enables them to lead support groups within their communities. Additionally, a training manual was developed.

Project results

  • A training manual for LGBT community support groups has been developed;
  • A consultative meeting was held;
  • 20 community leaders representing LGB people and civil society organizations were trained.

Solace Brothers Foundation
Accra, Ghana

Empowerment through Community Strengthening
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q2, 2016
Education, Community Organizing
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