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SEA Welfare Organization

Society for Empowerment & Advocacy Welfare Organization was established by a group of young social activists in Pakistan. Its main objective is to protect marginalized communities, with a specific focus on LGBTI issues.

The transgender community is the most vulnerable community in Pakistan and in Karachi. With our funding, SEA Welfare Organization will build linkages with them, establish committees at a community level and provide awareness about their rights.

They will develop a directory of aid providers to help the transgender community in case they face violence or abuse. Also, setting up a helpdesk and a WhatsApp group will enable them to share relevant issues. Lastly, involvement of the transgender community in the project implementation plays an important role.

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Society for Empowerment & Advocacy Welfare Organization
Karachi, Pakistan

Mobilization of Transgender Community for Their Rights
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2018
Community Organizing
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