PlanetRomeo Foundation

Record breaking year for PlanetRomeo Foundation

PlanetRomeo Foundation looks back on 2017 with pride. In total, we funded € 207,383 to 46 LGBTI projects around the world.

In 2017, we’ve funded more than twice as much compared to 2016. Therefore, we are more determined than ever to continue our efforts and working towards achieving our vision: a world in which LGBTI people enjoy equal rights, equal opportunities and respect.

Worldwide funder
With our funding, we try to help those in less favorable circumstances, because in many countries LGBTI (sub)groups need support. We fund projects all over the world, but we prioritize projects and initiatives in countries and regions where gay people face bullying, discrimination, exclusion, violence or worse.

Chechnya and Azerbaijan
After hearing of the horrible reports of atrocities taking place in Chechnya and Azerbaijan, PlanetRomeo Foundation took action. Even though we only fund on a per request basis, the Management Board made an exception by granting € 5,000 to the Russian LGBT Network. This is the ‘go to’ organization with respect to LGBT rights in the region.

We also proactively donated € 5,000 to the Azerbaijan Crisis Fund of ILGA Europe. They will re-grant these funds to activists working directly with victims, helping them with temporary accommodation, or covering travel costs to move to safer locations.

Funding themes
Our current funding themes are:

  • Community Organizing
    We encourage initial steps in community formation and organizing. These steps are a prerequisite to further community development and activism, in order to build critical mass to evoke change.
  • Shelter
    We help to provide refuge and a safe haven to LGBTI people, especially where their safety and well-being are at risk.
  • Sports & Culture
    we support LGBTI sports and cultural activities, which not only have a positive impact on other aspects and areas of people’s lives, but also make LGBTI communities more visible.

2017 marked the start of a new strategic plan, in which we decided to let go of Education as a funding theme; it appeared to be too undefined and lacking focus. However, in the first quarter of 2017, some projects were still funded under this theme.