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Rainbow Alliance Nigeria

Rainbow Alliance Nigeria is based in Aba, Nigeria. It is a civil society network of LGBT people, working towards reducing homophobia, protecting their rights and promoting access to shelter facilities.

In Nigeria, LGBT people face challenges such as public hostilities, persecution, violence, and homophobia. Homosexuality is illegal and therefore, LGBT people lead an underground existence. Once parents discover their child is LGBTI, they banish their children out of their family homes, and they are often expelled from their respective communities. This leads to a high rate of homelessness among the younger LGBT community in Nigeria.

PlanetRomeo Foundation is funding Rainbow Alliance Nigeria’s emergency shelter project to help these young people in need. The shelter will provide temporary accommodation for up to 36 people. Also, vocational skills trainings will be provided, giving them a better chance of building a sustainable life. These trainings will be accessible for a larger group of about 60 people.

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Rainbow Alliance Nigeria
Aba, Nigeria

Emergency Shelter for Banished Young LGBT People
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q3, 2017