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Queer Youth Uganda

Queer Youth Uganda fights for equal rights of LGBT youth. The last six years were challenging for this organization due to the rise of hate campaigns towards LGBTs, often initiated by the state or religious leaders. Many LGBT activists had to discontinue their work because they feared being exposed or persecuted.

With Foundation funding, Queer Youth Uganda organized their 2015 general assembly, which brought together 72 representatives of all LGBT Youth organizations in the country. This enabled them to develop a strategy on handling the current LGBT rights situation in Uganda and helped to mobilize their sister organizations.

Project results

  • A three day general assembly took place from May 8-10, 2015;
  • 72 young LGBT attendees from all parts of the country;
  • Agenda items included:
    • Queer Youth Uganda’s Strategic Plan 2015-2019;
    • Implementation of new (security) policies;
    • An expansion plan on starting new LGBT solidarity groups in 12 urban centers throughout Uganda;
    • New organization focus areas;
    • Election of a new board.

Queer Youth Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

Annual General Assembly 2015
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2015
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