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Queer League Armenia

Queer League Armenia is a new initiative, established by a group of LGBTQ+ activists in Armenia. They focus on empowering LGBTQ+ individuals through sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

With their Queering the Pitch project, Queer League Armenia aims to increase LBQ-women’s visibility and empower them by organizing sports activities. They will not only connect with LBQ women living in Yerevan, but will also reach out to LBQ women who live in the regional areas surrounding the capital.

Our funding enables them to organize 3 to 5 sports activities per month, like football, basketball, volleyball and cycling. Also, a series of workshops will be organized on topics such as stress management, community empowerment, digital security, queer culture, and much more.

Queer League Aremenia hopes these activities will result in the formation of an LBQ womens’ football team. They will introduce this team during a big event for the local LGBTQ+ community.

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Queer League Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

Queering the Pitch
Grant awarded
€ 4,959 – Q2, 2018
Sports & Culture
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