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PROUD is a Czech platform for equality, recognition and diversity. The organization aims to create a legal environment in which marriage, adopting and parenting are eligible to LGBT people. PROUD also wants to create an LGBT friendly atmosphere in educational institutions and workplaces and to tackle hate crimes against LGBTs.

Czechia has a reputation for tolerance towards homosexuality, but most high school students agree that ignorance and latent homophobia are commonplace. Research done in 2007 by a Czech NGO showed that 33% of young people have a negative attitude towards LGBTs. The score for boys having a negative attitude towards gay men was 72%.

PROUD wants to change this by increasing awareness of LGBT issues by giving seminars in schools, which are funded by PlanetRomeo Foundation. The information and experience that is gathered with these seminars will be the basis for a methodological e-platform which will enable teachers to create their own teaching materials.

Prague, Czechia

High school seminars on LGBT issues
Grant awarded
€ 3,342 - Q3, 2012
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