Organization:Pride In Action
Where:Kingston, Jamaica
Project:Playing for Change - LGBTQ Student Sports
Grant awarded:
€ 5,000 - November 2015

Pride In Action

Pride in Action is an LGBTQ community building organization for university students and aims at promoting their health, wellness and empowerment.

In Jamaica, homophobia is deeply embedded in society and sexual activity between men is illegal. Therefore, LGBTQ persons can face threat and discrimination in mainstream sports facilities. Pride in Action (PIA) set up a safe space/gym to allow them to freely train and participate in sports. PIA hopes that participants experience increased self-esteem and confidence.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding PIA succeeded in establishing this safe space, including all the necessary sports and exercise equipment. At the moment of finishing their project, they reached 68 young members of the LGBTI community with their sports activities. PIA will continue its work for the community, and will receive a permanent place to settle from the University of the West Indies.

“… It’s been really great to have a space and equipment where I can work out without feeling intimidated, because the gym on campus has a homophobic vibe…”
DM, Bisexual Man


Project Results

PlanetRomeo Foundation funding enabled Pride in Action to establish:
  • 6 fitness sessions
  • 7 yoga sessions
  • 3 dance exercises
  • 1 day of sports

Furthermore, the funding covered the costs of:
  • 50 Pride in Action branded t-shirts;
  • Hiring a sports instructor;
  • Gym and exercise equipment;
  • A table-tennis table;
  • Equipment for: badminton, basketball, football, and table-tennis.