Organization:L’initiative Mawjoudin pour l’égalité
Where:Tunis, Tunesia
Project:Mawjoudin's Cultural Space
Grant awarded:
€5,000, July 2016


L’initiative Mawjoudin pour l’égalité was founded in 2014 by a group of young activists, feminists and LGB persons. Mawjoudin works together with other groups, to advocate the rights of the LGBTIQ community and to fight against the restrictions imposed.

In Tunisia, there is a high fear of stigmatization, which results in many LGBTIQ people hiding their true sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The overall attitude towards non-conforming people leads to high degrees of self-denial and self-hatred amongst teenagers, youngsters and adults.

Mawjoudin will set up a multifunctional cultural space, where various activities will be organized: counseling and support groups, a knowledge hub, workshops and trainings.