Organization:FemSlam LBT Women's Football Team/Initiative
Where:Belgrade, Serbia
Project:The Roaming Pitch
Grant awarded:
€ 4,829 - Q1, 2017


FemSlam LBT Women’s Football Team/Initiative is a grassroots group initiative that focuses on LBT women, through creation of safe spaces, empowerment and awareness raising through football, and establishment of a regional network of LGBTIQ+ teams.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, FemSlam will carry out their project called The Roaming Pitch, to strengthen the bonds between different LBT women’s football initiatives and the wider LGBTIQ+ communities. FemSlam will create six two-day events. During these events, two teams of ten participants meet and play a friendly football match. Additionally, workshops, panel discussions, movie screenings, interventions in public space, and time to socialize will be programed.