PlanetRomeo Foundation

Pride Walk! And Shakespeare Club

As part of celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we took part in the community-led and organized Amsterdam Pride Walk! It was an exciting experience. Many of our supporters came to join us, including staff from our founder-company, ROMEO and users on that platform, many of whom have donated and supported us over the period.

Pride Walk took place on the first weekend of Amsterdam Gay Pride. It was an opportunity to proudly highlight was Pride actually is: the struggle and fight of our forebears for LGBT+ freedom, equality, justice and all that is associated with these terms. Today, many of us forget this single fact of Pride as a struggle. At PlanetRomeo Foundation, this is part of what spurs us to do what we do; because in many places in the world today, LGBT+ people still has no iota of freedom or justice. They face very tough environments, or violent attacks, hatred, rejection, lack of access to simple services such healthcare, education, and unjust dismissal from employment because they are LGBT+.

In the spirit of celebrating these who are in such dire situation, and whom PlanetRomeo Foundation supports, we showcased our relationships and celebrated them though our event at the Shakespeare club where we did a photo expo of some of the projects we have funded.

Overall, our work is steeped in supporting LGBTI projects where it is needed most, which is in places where equality is still absent. We join in the fact and through the little we can do, support LGBTI people to organise, provide safe spaces and be able to network.

Our thanks go to our main funder, ROMEO and all our donors and supporters. Pride Walk embodies all the ethos we stand for and continue to advocate.