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Pink Myanmar

Pink Myanmar

Pink Myanmar ‘s main objective is to provide shelter and a safe haven for the LGBTI community in Yangon, Myanmar.

The LGBTI community in Myanmar suffers from marginalization, inequality, and lack of safety. Some of them are living on the street because they have been kicked out of their homes due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

For them, Pink Myanmar set up a shelter facility. Here, they make use of counseling services, interact with like-minded LGBTIs, as well as learn and develop new skills which empower and help them to regain their self-confidence. Pink Myanmar also helps them to reconnect with their families and with rehabilitation to permanent housing.

Project results

  • A shelter house was rented and opened;
  • 37 people were housed at the shelter;
  • 10 people were assisted with finding permanent housing;
  • 15 people benefited from reconciliation and rehabilitation efforts, such as being reunited with their family;
  • All 37 beneficiaries received counseling sessions;
  • 10 beneficiaries were assisted with hospital and clinic visits;
  • A forum was organized to raise awareness for gender issues and the rights of LGBTI people;
  • LGBTI events were visited with members to socialize;
  • Out-of-shelter activities such as the forum and other activities reached a total of 500 people.

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Pink Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar

Pink Shelter
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2018