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Panggung Minoritas

Panggung Minoritas

Panggung Minoritas formed in 2017 after a group of couch surfing people met and discussed gender and sexuality issues. They aim to give LGBTI people a space to meet, share, learn, and discuss their gender and sexuality.

In Bandung, Indonesia, information related to gender and sexualities is difficult to access. Discussing the issues in public is not possible and therefore an inclusive space to meet friends and share experiences is necessary.

Our funding enables Panggung Minoritas to execute their The Rainbow Project. With this project, they organize 12 workshops related to gender and sexuality, which also bring the community together. Workshops focus on topics such as self-acceptance, masculinity, religion and dogma on sexual orientation, queer, sex work, and much more.

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Panggung Minoritas
Bandung, Indonesia

The Rainbow Project
Grant awarded
€ 4,416 - Q4, 2018
Community Organizing