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Pamodzi Village Network Zimbabwe

Pamodzi Village Network Zimbabwe is a community-based organization running a short-term shelter facility for LGBTI+ people.

In Zimbabwe, male same-sex sexual activity is illegal. Moreover, the government actively campaigns against homosexual men and women. Pamodzi already provided LGBTI people with emergency care for up to 30 days. This helps community members cope with traumatic experiences and crises.

A stay in their shelter, which is located in a house that was once donated to Pamodzi, includes daily meals, psychosocial support, and counseling. However, due to a lack of equipment and furniture, the shelter was not operating at full capacity. Some people were sleeping on the ground, and only 11 people could be accommodated. With our funding, Pamodzi purchased furniture and other appliances, so that the shelter quadrupled its capacity to 48 people.

Project results

  • The first, big shelter in Zimbabwe is a fact!
  • 104 people were directly assisted and 189 indirectly by the Pride Home;
  • People from 9 provinces in Zimbabwe are benefiting from the shelter;
  • Inventory was purchased to accommodate more residents;
  • A total of three grassroots organizations have emerged from in-house exchange of ideas by beneficiaries, of which two are currently based in rural provinces;
  • A CCTV system was installed by beneficiaries to increase security at Pride Home;
  • A few traditional community leaders were invited and some are beginning to accept that LGBTI+ people are as normal and African as everyone.

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Pamodzi Village Network Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe

Pride Home
Grant awarded
€ 4,967 - Q1, 2018