Project Update: HODSAS

HODSAS in D.R. Congo recently organized a second peer educator training session on communication techniques and human rights, in which 20 LGBTIs participated. In total, HODSAS now has 40 peer educators/LGBTI communicators available. They want to empower the local LGBTI community and help them to counter the current increase of verbal and psychological violence based on sexual orientation.
This is part of a larger project to counter homophobia, which includes an LGBTI leadership building program, radio broadcasts to educate and influence the general public on LGBTI topics, as well as the set-up of a database of anti-LGBTI violence incidents. Visit the HODSAS project page for more information.

Annual Report 2015

PlanetRomeo Foundation today publishes its Annual Report 2015. In 2015, a total of € 143,631 was funded to 34 LGBTI projects around the world, almost 50% more as compared to 2014. Presenting both financial and non-financial information in conjunction, the Annual Report offers a comprehensive view of its performance and added value as an LGBTI funding organization. The full Annual Report 2015 is also available for download.

Project Update: Lighthouse NGO – Ukraine

Lighthouse NGO set up a telephone helpline to counsel LGBTI teens in Ukraine. To promote their helpline, they advertise online and on huge billboards in several metro stations. So far, they have already had a few successful calls and we hope there are more to follow.
Visit our Lighthouse NGO project page for more information about the organization.

Project Update: “ELEMENT” – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Youth and Education and Mobility “ELEMENT” organized a four-day training camp for young LGBTs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the first day, they kicked off the training by getting to know each other and sharing personal stories. This created created a safe and open environment. These activities were followed by exercises to gain skills and the knowledge needed to become LGBT leaders in their local communities. These new LGBT leaders, also known as ‘Change Agents’ will educate people locally on LGBT themes and advocate for LGBT rights. After the camp, the participants decided to combine forces by forming a network of LGBT activists.
We think Center for Youth Education and Mobility “ELEMENT” is right on track with strengthening the nation’s LGBT community. For more info on this project visit their project page.

5 new LGBTI projects funded

The second review cycle of 2016 resulted in 5 newly funded projects: Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex People (ARSI), OGERA in Uganda, Solace Brothers Foundation in Ghana, Humanity First Cameroon and Solidarity Foundation in India. This quarter, PlanetRomeo Foundation granted € 20,306 in total.