Project Update: Forum for Dignity Initiatives – Pakistan

Our funding enables Forum for Dignity Initiatives to organize six dialogues between transgender women and high school students in Pakistan. The first dialogue out of the series “We are not children of a lesser God” took place in the School of Business Management in Islamabad. By means of these gatherings, students will be informed about gender roles and trans* issues which also help to bridge the gap between the transgender community and mainstream society, where trans* people often face social exclusion.

Project leader Uzma Yaqoob told us FDI received a huge round of applause for this initiative taken by them. Thereafter, the university and the students requested more of these dialogues.

March 31st – Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. We are proud to also support brave initiatives that fight against trans* phobia and trans* discrimination:

TransParent in Croatia gives counseling to parents of trans* children
Jinsiangu Kenya facilitates a safe space for trans* people at risk
Mithra Foundation established self-help groups and hosted awareness seminars to improve the position of trans* people in the Indian society

We are proud to fund these brave initiatives, because the trans* community needs more than only visibility to fight trans* phobia and advocate for trans* rights.

Project Result: Semper Musica Association – Romania

Semper Musica Association successfully completed their project ‘How I LOVE; How I LIVE; How I AM!’ With this project the organization aimed to change the common negative attitude towards LGBTs and to fight LGBT stereotypes. By organizing educational workshops at 4 high schools in Romania, they’ve managed to reach almost 2500 students. Complementary, a website was launched where LGBTs can tell their personal stories. By means of storytelling, they show that non-LGBT and LGBT teens are more alike than different. Let’s hope Semper Musica’s work has started a movement of LGBT acceptance in Romania.

8 new LGBTI projects supported

During our first review cycle of 2016, the Board decided to support 8 new projects. The total funding adds up to almost € 36,000. Thanks to our donators, we are able to support: East African Visual Artists in Uganda, Lighthouse NGO and Egalite Intersex in Ukraine, the Croatian initiative TransParent, Young Queer Alliance in Mauritius, “FtM Phoenix” Group in Russia, “Element” in Bosnia and Herzegovina and an ‘unnamed’ sports project in East Africa.

Project Update: Straights for Rainbow – Russia

Straights for Rainbow organized their 1st School of Human Rights in Omsk, Russia. As a result 20 activists were, during a five-day program packed with workshops and lectures, educated on LGBT rights and discrimination.

One of the participants reflected: “I am heterosexual and I have never thought about the problems that LGBT people face in Russia. I want to be the person who will speak up against homophobia in my university. I want to open their eyes on the problems and discrimination that I myself had no idea about.”

This alone is already a great result.